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 What are the benefits of using oGL’s personality matching?
Other dating sites only perform simple matches based on characteristics such as age, income, height, etc. As a result, most other sites are really no more than dating services where quality suffers. We're different in that we're a relationship service. oneGoodLove.com goes to a deeper level to match individuals based on compatible personalities, which is key to forming healthy long-term relationships. By using a scientifically designed (yes, we mean by PhD's in relationship fields) and a proven algorithm (again, we mean thousands of happily matched couples) oneGoodLove.com ensures your potential partners match you by more than a yardstick measurement. Do you both have personalities and approach life in a way that is truly compatible? By personality matching, you get an extra level of assurance that there is an increased potential for a finding the One.
 How does oGL compare to other gay/lesbian dating sites?
Here’s what sets us apart and why you should choose oneGoodLove.com:

•    We’re the only dating site built for and by the relationship-minded gay and lesbian community.
•    We give back to the GLBT community- upon subscribing to our service, you can choose to donate 5% of your subscription cost (at no additional charge) to various national and local nonprofit organizations, including HRC, National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and GLAAD.
•    We have the only personality profile test created specifically for the GLBT community (it’s not made for heterosexual couples like all the largest dating sites’ are).  
•    Other gay and lesbian dating sites mainly focus on superficial traits, which is no basis to form a healthy long-term relationship. oneGoodLove starts by understanding a person’s core personality in order to find individuals with personalities that match yours. By using a scientifically designed and proven algorithm, oneGoodLove.com ensures your matches have much more in common with you than merely your smoking preference. Do you both have personalities and approach life in a way that is truly compatible? By personality matching, you get one more level of assurance that there is potential for a finding your one good love.
 How does oGL work?
oneGoodLove.com begins by asking you to take a brief and enjoyable 5-minute personality assessment, specifically designed to understand your core personality as well as identify individuals with personalities that are best suited to match yours. Next, you complete your profile and tell us the desired traits of your ideal match. Instead of having to search through hundreds or thousands of profiles, oneGoodLove.com does all the work for you. Our search is based first and foremost on your personality and then secondly based on your desired traits. oneGoodLove.com identifies your ideal matches and delivers them right to you via email. From there, it’s up to you to decide when you’re ready to take the next step. Our process ensures that the people we introduce you to match not only the criteria you identify for us, but also your personality.
 Why don’t profile search sites work in the long run?
Profile search sites don’t consider or address the core foundation of a healthy relationship, which is the personality fit. These sites encourage matching simply based on superficial characteristics such as income and height. We are not saying that these characteristics are not important, but they are not what determines the likelihood of a long-term relationship. With this approach, you spend more time looking at photos than you do at focusing on personality matches. If you are looking for a long-term relationship with that special someone, onegoodlove.com is the right service for you.
 How do I start using oGL?
There are 6 simple steps to begin finding your one good love.
1.    Take our FREE 5-minute fun and easy oneGoodLove.com Personality Profile Test.
2.    Complete your profile. We will ask you all the relevant information you will need to showcase who you are.
3.    Upload your photos to ensure the best response rate from your matches.
4.    While completing your profile, we’ll ask you the preferred characteristics of your ideal match (match preferences).
5.    Once your profile is complete and approved, we send you your first set of matches (may take up to 24hrs before you see your first set of matches).
6.    Send your matches a round of guided questions for free and see if the sparks fly!
It’s that simple. No searching through hundreds of profiles. You get to move along at the speed that is ideal for you and chose to communicate and share information when you’re ready.
 What should I do to ensure I have a successful experience?
The following recommendations will ensure you have a great experience on oneGoodLove.com:

• Make sure you answer the Personality Profile Test questions very honestly.
• Provide desired but realistic traits for your ideal match, not too narrow or too broad.
• Complete your profile as thoroughly as possible so that your matches know you are serious about finding the One.
• Upload as many photos as you can to show your many different sides. Recent photos and ones that show you having fun are proven to be more effective.
• Communicate, communicate, communicate. Reach out and respond timely and honestly to your matches. Your matches don’t always know you’re there unless you initiate communication by sending them a round of questions, so don’t be shy- send away!
 What are some things to avoid?
The following things should be avoided in order to achieve better results:

• Don’t answer the personality test with answers you think someone else will want to hear.
• Don’t be too broad or narrow in the preferred traits of your ideal match. You may get more matches but they won’t be the quality you are looking for.
• Don’t upload photos that are too limiting in showcasing your personality. You should take the time to have photos created just for your oneGoodLove.com profile.
• Don’t play the waiting game when you are interested in someone. Go ahead and be the first to communicate with them.
 What do I get by signing up or registering?
When you register for our site, you immediately have the opportunity to take our FREE oneGoodLove.com Personality Test. Our test gets at the core of what makes up a good relationship and is scientifically designed by doctors and PhD’s in the fields of psychology and relationships. The oneGoodLove.com Personality Profile Test incorporates a proven algorithm that has successfully matched thousands of happy couples. So by signing up and taking our oneGoodLove.com Personality Test, you help us narrow down those potential matches to the few that could really be your one good love.

Once you complete your profile and it is approved, you then begin to receive matches within 24hrs. You can view your matches’ profiles and even send them a round of questions for free. This guided communication process is standard from most dating sites and is a great way to get to know someone before you subscribe.

oneGoodLove.com’s members also have full access to our online magazine, which was created specifically for you and contains the following:
•    Dating Questions & Answers from our relationship experts
•    Dating Advice, Suggestions, and Tips
•    GLBT News that you should know
•    And some entertaining stuff too!
 How do I cancel my subscription?
We are sorry to hear you want to cancel your subscription, but hopefully it is because you found your oneGoodLove. Simply go to the “Contact Us” link on the top right side of the site once you are logged in. From this page, you can send us an email indicating you wish to cancel your subscription. Our Customer Support Team will process your request and your subscription will be canceled effective immediately.
 What do I get by subscribing to oneGoodLove.com?a name="mark_45" id="mark_45">
As a subscribing member of oneGoodLove.com, you get full access to all of our premium services including the following:  
•  View your matches’ detailed profiles and Personality Profile Test results 
•  Send and receive guided communication questions freely and use custom response fields
•  Request Instant Communication with your matches, which skips the guided communication process
•  Nudge your matches to let them know you’re interested in communication with them.
•  Send your matches unlimited emails.oneGoodLove.com’s members also have full access to our online magazine, which was created specifically for you and contains the following:
•    Dating Questions & Answers from our relationship experts
•    Dating Advice, Suggestions, and Tips
•    GLBT News that you should know
•    And some entertaining stuff too!
 What types of subscriptions are available?
 How does the oneGoodLove.com Personality Test work?
The oneGoodLove.com Personality Test is a way to assess who you are and what you are like; in other words, your personality as it relates to relationships. This is then used to match you with another person that has a compatible personality. oneGoodLove.com has not only identified 27 different personality types but also identified which personality types are compatible with each other. Our Personality Test has been scientifically designed by doctors and PhD’s in psychology and other related fields. It uses a proven algorithm that has successfully matched thousands of happy couples.
 What are some of the benefits of personality matching?
Rather than focusing exclusively on outward traits or simple characteristics, personality matching ensures that the potential matches we recommend are not only the right height, age, etc., but are also matches who have personalities that are compatible with yours.
 How do you match members to other personality types?
Through years of research by experts in the field of relationships, oneGoodLove has a honed matching process. Our experts have studied what personality types fit best with each other. If you happen to be of type #12, then you would best align with someone who is a personality type of #8, #13, #19 or #20. Now, oneGoodLove.com is aware that you may be “more of a fit” with #8, but we provide you with other personality types that are close to #8 so you can make that decision for yourself.
 Is the oGL Personality Test and matching algorithm designed for someone like me?
Not only is oneGoodLove.com’s Personality Test designed exclusively for the gay and lesbian community, but it is also designed for the GLBT community by the GLBT community.
 After thinking about my personality test answers, can I or should I change any?
No. You should go with your "gut" reaction when answering each question. By being honest and going with your "gut," your responses are more likely to reflect your true personality versus if you “over-think” each response.
 Can I or should I change my personal profile?
You can always change your personal profile as you or your situation changes, or as you have more time to add information about yourself. As with the oneGoodLove.com Personality Test, just be yourself and provide the simple truth about who you are.
 Can I change my match preferences?
Of course! As you get more accustomed to the matches we send, you can adjust your match preferences by either narrowing or broadening your search criteria to increase or decrease the number of potential matches. Again, please note this does not change your matches based upon your personality type, but only the additional criteria used as secondary matching criteria (i.e. zip code, smoking, etc.)
 Why does my account show my status as "inactive"?
At oneGoodLove.com, we want our users have the best user experience as possible.  So, to ensure each profile is appropriate and follows our user guidelines, our Customer Support Team reviews and approves each profile.  Since we are adding many profiles every day, our approval process may take up to 24 hrs.  Please be patient.
Upon your profile being approved, it will be released into the database for matching and matches will be delivered to your My Matches page.  Our Matching System runs every 2-3 days, so if you have any matches you should expect them in this time frame. If you are not getting matches, please contact customersupport@onegoodlove.com and we can tell you why you’re not getting matches. Usually if a member is not getting matches it is because of mishap in setting up your profile and can be fixed in minutes.
 How do I upload photos to the site?
To upload photos, first locate some photos you have of yourself that show off your personality. You can either use existing photos or you can have a friend take new photos exclusively for oneGoodLove.com. To upload pictures, simply go to the “My Profile” tab on the site after logging-in. From there, click the “Update my Photos” button in the Main menu of options, then click the “Upload Photos” tab in the submenu. You can then click the “browse” button on the bottom of the page and search your computer for any pictures you have stored. Select the picture you want as your primary picture and then the others you want as secondary pictures.  Be sure to click the “Upload Photo” button once you have selected the picture you wish to upload.

Pictures can be TIFF, JPEG, GIF or PNG format as long as they are less than 3mb per photo. Please remember that oneGoodLove.com is dedicated to finding life long partners for people. As such, we have strict guidelines for the type of pictures that can be uploaded to the site. Clearly, no nudity or sexually explicit pictures are permitted. Please read our photo guidelines for more information.

If you’re having trouble uploading your photos, feel free to email customersupport@onegoodlove.com and we can help. You can also send us an email with your photos attached and we can upload them for you.
 What are some good suggestions for using pictures?
For your primary picture, try to find one where your face takes up most of the frame and one you consider to be a good picture of you. For the other pictures try and find ones that are similar or that show you doing the things that are important to you. Please note that the photos can only be of you and you only. oneGoodLove.com will not approve photos that include other people, pets, etc.
 When do I get to start communicating with my matches?
You get to start communicating immediately after we introduce you to your matches. oneGoodLove.com will send you an email notifying you of your matches. By going to the “My Matches” tab, you will be able to identify your matches. Simply click on the “Take the Next Step” link and you will then be able to ask questions directly to your match.

Another option is for you to request “Instant Communication.” This function sends an email to the selected match, which asks them if they would like to skip the guided communication steps and immediately create an open connection scenario for free-flowing emails. We recommend you use this approach only if you are comfortable with an immediate open communication process.
 I’m not getting any matches. What is wrong?
If you are not getting any matches after at least a week, you should check the following items:

bull; Ensure you have a completed profile and that it has been approved by oneGoodLove.com. If you are uncertain if it has been approved, go to the “My Account” link on the site. You can see if your profile has been approved in the “account status” section. If you created your account over 24hrs ago, contact customersupport@onegoodlove.com and ask why your profile was not approved.
• Review your "Match Preferences" tab to ensure you have not set your match criteria too restrictively. The more restrictive your criteria, the less profiles get matched with you.
• Give it time. oneGoodLove.com works on the quality and not quantity perspective. Maybe the right person has not yet signed up for oneGoodLove.com.
 What should I do if I cannot log in?
You should first ensure your username is your email address. Your password was emailed to you in your welcome email from oneGoodLove.com. Please refer to this email to obtain your password again.

If it’s still not working select the “Forgot Password?” link on the homepage directly below the “Member Login” section. You can then answer your security question to receive your password. You will receive an email shortly providing you with your password.

If you forgot your security question or registered before this was an option, simply email customersupport@onegoodlove.com and ask us to send you a new password.
 I forgot my user name or password. How do I get them?
Your username is the email address you used to register for the site. Your password was sent to you in your welcome email. If you have that email saved, you will be able to find your password there.

After a failed log-in attempt, click on the “Forgot Password?” link on the homepage directly below the “Member Login” section. You can then answer your security question to receive your password. You will receive an email shortly providing you with your password.

If you forgot your security question or registered before this was an option, simply email customersupport@onegoodlove.com and ask us to send you a new password.
 My photos don’t appear on my profile. Why is that?
Several things may be happening, but it is most likely one of the following occurred:

• Your photo did not meet our photo guidelines and was not approved for use on your profile. Please read our photo guidelines.
• Your photo size may have been too big. Our photo size limit is 3MB per photo. If your photo is larger than this, you will need to down-grade the photo quality or use photo-editing software to reduce the file size.
• When you uploaded the photo, the file transfer was not successful. Please upload your photos again to the site.
• You may have uploaded the wrong file type. Please use only JPEG, GIFF, TIFF or PNG formats.

If you are having problems uploading your photos customer support is more than happy to help you. Email your photos to customersupport@onegoodlove.com or just let us know how we can help.
 My profile is incorrect, what do I do?
If any of your personal information is incorrect, simply log into your oneGoodLove.com account, go to the “My Profile” tab. You can then choose the section of the profile you wish to make edits to in the menu. Then make the corrections and click on the “Save Changes” button at the bottom of the page to save your updated profile.
 I am not getting any responses. What now?
You have several choices. First, is simply to wait a little longer, the person you’re interested in may be traveling or has not checked their account for a few days. Second is to send a “Nudge” to this member. This function sends an email to the selected member, which gently reminds them to continue communicating with you directly in a timely manner.

Another reason you may not be getting any communications is that you have not initiated any conversations. Some people are simply shy and are waiting for their matches to start the conversation. We encourage all of our members to be the first to “Take the Next Step” and start the communication with all of your matches you’re interested in. Your one good love could just be waiting for you to start the communication- so don’t wait for them to do it.
 How do I use my subscription promotional code?
Simply enter your promotion code in the promotion code field as you are subscribing to the service. Please ensure your promotion code is typed in exactly as you see it on the promotional materials.
 How do I delete my profile from the site?

We are sorry to hear that you want to delete your profile, but we hope it is because you have found your one good love.  Please note, if you delete your profile, we will not be able to recover it.  You will need to create a new profile from the start if you wish to return to our site at a later date.  You can also "deactivate" your profile so you stop getting matches instead (see How do I make my account inactive below).  If you still want to delete your profile, simply take the following steps:
• Log into your account using your email address and password.
• Click on the "my account" link on the upper far-right side of the webpage.
• Scroll down the page, immediately after the change your password section and follow the instructions on how to delete your profile.

You may also email customersupport@onegoodlove.com directly and ask them to delete your profile for you.
Again, your profile, your personality test and all your responses will be deleted from our database forever so please do this with caution.  We are sad to see you go if you do chose so but we wish you the very best of luck!

 Do my matches see all my information?
All of your matches are able to see your basic profile information. Depending on your photo sharing preferences, your matches may or may not be able to see your photos. The choice is yours on a match-by-match basis. If you choose to share your photos on a match-by-match basis, then they will not be able to see your photos unless you click the “Unlock Private Photos” button when viewing a match.

Matches also do not ever see your full last name, just the first initial you enter in the last name field. We only ask for you last name to make it easier to locate your profile if we need to search for it by your name.
 Who sees my information?
All of your profile information is stored securely on our servers and is managed exclusively by your oneGoodLove.com team. We encrypt all key pieces of information so absolutely no one can access it or use it in any way. For your security, we do not store our subscribing members’ credit card information at any time.
 What do you do with my data?
We do nothing with your data other than store it to ensure we get the best possible matches for you. We will never sell, share, or provide your information to any other business, entity or person.
 Who sees my response to the HIV status question?
oneGoodLove.com takes your HIV status very seriously. Therefore, please note that your response to this question will never be shared with the general public or with your potential matches. oneGoodLove.com will only use this response as part of the matching process in order to ensure your preferences are maintained. Therefore, we will not match you with potential profiles that do not meet your preference to this response, or if their preferences do not match your response. At oneGoodLove.com, our goal is to maintain your personal information as exactly that– personal. However, we also understand your status is an important criterion in finding your oneGoodLove. Our goal is to make your HIV status a non-issue when find the One, as many of us don’t look forward to the “third date” where we tend to talk about our status. At oneGoodLove, if you are matched with someone, then they are already ok with your status, whatever it is.